Butchers & Basil at The Belle Epoque!

Butchers & Basil at The Belle Epoque!

I delighted to announce that we will be using meat supplied exclusively by H. Greaves & Son from Lancashire. Now I know this is unlikely to make the front page of the tabloids……..unless myself and Robert roll out of a nightclub with Jody Marsh and Kate Price in tow…..but for us it is big news.

We are forever in pursuit of the finest ingredients the region has to offer and we know how important our customers value this. By using H. Greaves & Sons we are getting the keys to the finest meat larder in the country.

Beef, hung for a minimum of 21 days for optimum flavour, Shorthorn Beef from Holker Hall Estates, Saltmarsh lamb from Cartmel, using breeds dating back from the 1800’s. The quality of grazing and quality of life afforded this livestock is second to none. All combined with excellent butchery ensure that what ends up on your plate can be eat with pleasure and confidence.

There are a hundred butchers that are cheaper, nearer and keen for our business, but as you know doing things the easiest way isn’t our style, that’s for others. You can be reassured that we will never put our own convenience before quality.

Update on our Kitchen Garden…………..

You may not know that we have a Kitchen Garden at the Belle Époque, well we have and its only customers are the Belle Époque and the Rose & Crown Chophouse. Its situated on a terrace near our roof garden. Currently springing into life are chives, rosemary, thyme, mint, borage, dill, lavender, lovage herbs and later this year we will be harvesting: garlic, horseradish, onions.
All these ingredients with appear across our food menus and cocktails……………..after all you wouldn’t want your Pimms without home grown Borage and Mint, would you?

Happy hunting,
Matthew Mooney