Charlotte and Gareth

We are so thrilled for one of the loveliest Belle Epoque wedding couples, Charlotte and Gareth to announch the safe and happy arrival of their beautiful twin girls. We first met Charlotte and Gareth at their viewing of the Belle Epoque for their wedding day which took place on Saturday 11th February and knew they were going to be one of our all time favourite Belle weddings. Over the months planning the wedding Charlotte discovered she was pregnant with Twins, never have we seen a more relaxed bride who took it all in her stride and just carried on planning the wedding whilst carrying twins, the wedding dress was a bit of a struggle, not that you can tell from these sutnning pics but these beautiful babies behaved and didn’t present much of a bump until the wedding was over. Huge congratulatios to you all from us all at the Belle Epoque and we cant wait for a cuddle.