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One visit from Harry Styles and the world Goes Mad!

One visit from Harry Styles and the world Goes Mad!

This polite chap came into the Rose ‘N Crown Chophouse two weeks ago for a cup of peppermint tea with his friends. Being the polite young man he is, he poses for pictures with staff and then leaves having charmed customers and staff.

Now at 49, teenage culture is a little alien to me……….but did I learn quickly. I posted a couple of pictures on are on the twitter feed of the Belle Epoque mentioning the visit from Harry Styles to the Rose ‘N Crown. First our telephone was ringing off the hook, then our social media when completely berserk. 500 retweets in an hour!

Then from berserk, our accounts went into meltdown as 1D’ers, connected that we were a wedding venue and that Harry was obviously viewing the venue for himself before going for a drink next door. My phone was useless for the next five days as so many retweets and likes were being posted I couldn’t use it for anything else. It then went viral……..

Articles to date have appeared in The Knutsford Guardian, the Manchester Evening News, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Times of India, Heat Magazine, plus a gazillion online articles and fan forums.

It is still being retweeted now several weeks later, over both accounts over 10k retweets and the same again in likes.

So Harry, we salute you sir and next time the peppermint tea is on us……