The Great Pizza Robbery – “A Margherita Pizza for under 8 quid, What a bargain”

The Great Pizza Robbery

It is widely known within the trade that pizza chains can make and serve a Margherita Pizza to their customers for a cost of 59 pence. So suddenly a retail price of circa £7.95 might initially seem like a bargain, in realty the pound for pound value is right up there with, “Moon dust” and “Snake Oil”.

Now how can a “POSH” restaurant in the middle of Cheshire bang-on about pound for pound value……one might say, my answer is simple, you will not find better pound for pound value than in a restaurant such as the Belle Époque.

For example for us to sell our steak at a a similar margin that the chains sell their aforementioned pizza, the cost on our menu would have to be circa £65.00……………it’s actually £28.95.

The steak is also of the highest quality, locally sourced from certified Farms/Estates………..I’m only speculating here, but I think what goes on top of pizzas from the large chains is mainly sourced from the cheaper end of the food chain.

Which brings me neatly on to the latest furore about Kebabs and shock horror…………they are not all lamb, some have contained traces of beef, horse and even dog dna. Now let me be the first to confess, in my callow youth, while stumbling out of Mister Smiths full of Grolch and draped in sweaty Martinique apparel……….I might well have imbibed in a kebab or two and too be honest I think there was a general understanding that is was best not to know what we were eating!

However, that was the late eighties and I had hoped we had moved on a little within the food industry; with local food provenance, food labelling laws etc., despite all this it appears the greatest challenge “Good Food” campaigners face is how to counteract the human brains instinct after the effects of seven pints of Stella, because surely nobody is going to eat a kebab sober……….are they?