Weddings at the Belle Epoque, Knutsford, Cheshire

A Cheshire Wedding


So then, here’s Lauren & Lee – they got married, they were very happy that they got married, everyone had a good time, it was rather lovely…is that enough? do I have to describe everything in absolute detail? – you’ll get bored, I’ll get bored – not because Lauren & Lee’s wedding was boring but because I don’t like lots and lots of words about weddings or wedding photography or documentary wedding photography – jees, I’ve started writing more words than I though I would, I might as well carry on a bit. Ok, lets try again. If I’m waffling just skip to the pictures, I understand.
Before I start, a little thing about this Reportage Wedding Photographer UK – honestly I’m really trying not to keep stalling but I do think it’s important people understand my approach to weddings.

It’s really simple actually, god knows why I’ve put the big title. So basically a Reportage or Documentary Wedding Photographer is someone who just lets you get on with your day, documents events as they happen. Leaving you to relax, me to relax, everyone to relax and enjoy the day. Easy peasy.

Lauren & Lee’s wedding started off in Chester at a hair and make-up place called BLOW by SUAVE , a rather nice salon (not that I know anything at all about hair and make-up, I’m a man and I have no hair – one of my kids saw a picture of me once and thought I was a potato, true story) but it seemed rather nice and the ladies all left looking great.

We skipped over the border to Wales (Lauren and Lee’s house) to continue the bridal prep – I didn’t get prepped, I was taking pictures of the bridal prep, just wanted to clarify that bit. I like Wales, I’m actually Welsh so it was nice to briefly step back over the border where I immediately started singing choir songs and eating leeks (seriously I really do need to stop getting distracted, I’m meant to be writing about a wedding here)
Anyway, where was I..ahhh the wedding, yes. So bridal prep, all went swimmingly well, I remember Lauren looked lovely, also a bag of doritos being eaten BBQ I think (one of those big bags – I like doritos), a bit of a faff with one of the bridesmaids dresses, there’s ALWAYS a faff with something, it’s part of a wedding – so ladies, it’s normal, there was no stress associated with the faff and that’s the important bit.
I went to visit Lee at his Mum’s house – Lee was a bit surprised because he wasn’t expecting me, he had his dad’s shorts on (may have been pants), anyway not really relevant I guess. Had a nice chat with Lee, Mum & Dad (got a brew from Dad and a chat about vintage cars), took some pictures.

Then off to the wedding venue – The Belle Epoque in Knutsford , a particular favourite venue of mine (mainly because of the food if I’m being honest) but also because it’s just got a great vibe about it, is very pretty and they look after guests really well.
Lee arrived, wedding guests started arriving, there was the usual nervous excitement just before a wedding, buttonholes were jabbed in lapels and before we knew it Lauren was due to arrive, and she did – looking amazing and rather giddy ! Ceremony happened, people laughed, some cried (happy crying, not wtf are they doing crying), lots of love and happiness and all that good stuff about weddings.

Food, speeches (people talking about other people in a nice way), a nice bit of relax time, band arrived, cake was cut – on the cake it was a chocolate brownie cake from here ,it’s almost like they knew that’s my favourite cake! I stuck my face right in it (made that bit up, was tempted though), first dance and party! I like a good party, so did Lauren & Lee, they also had good taste in music and hired a cool-ass band called Friends of the Bride – I’ve shot a wedding where these guys played before and they’re damn good .
So there you go, a Cheshire Wedding – happiness, fun, laughter, food, dancing, what more could you want – It was a good day, actually it was a fantastic day
Thanks for reading, here’s some pictures from the day….